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May Blog: Great Month for Nurses

Posted about 5 years ago by Quentin Smith

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May is a wonderful month for nurses. It's the month in which two joyous events occur.

• National Nurses Week/International Nurse Day - The second week of May is National Nurses Week from May 6th to May 12th, and International Nurse Day on May 12th. The week allows all to celebrate the role nurses play in promoting the health of clients, and the ethical standards by which they practice. For more than a decade, nurses have consistently been rated by Gallup polls as having the highest honesty and ethical standards compared to other professions.

• Graduation - During the month of May, graduations abound and many nursing students are awarded their first degree while other nurses receive a graduate degree, or terminal nursing degree.

Congratulations from Pittsburgh Black Nurses in Action (PBNIA) to ALL nurse graduates from local programs, colleges, and universities.

Graduate list with award received specifically includes:
Kafuli Agebemenu PhD Kisha McMeo BSN
Zyniecka Bester BSN Esther Okafor BSN
Michelle Carter BSN (PBNIA member) Miriam Osorio BSN
Thea Cole MSN Leslie Pandy DNP(PBNIA member)
Gillian Condell MSN Maria Petrisko BSN
Lauren Davis BSN Danielle Robinson BSN
Ariana Duff BSN Marina Rutherford BSN
Desiree Edmonds BSN
Monet Gedzah BSN
Mary Harris BSN
Edward Hawkins MSN
Andrea Hill DNP
Tamika R. Hornezes MSN
Dawndra Jones DNP (PBNIA member; President)
Rikkia Lee Jones MSN
Sabrina Jones BSN
Danielle King BSN
Claudia Kregg-Byers PhD, MPH (PBNIA member; Scholarship Chair)

In honor of National Nurses Week, International Nurses Day, and the new graduates, we offer the following inspiring quotes from noted leaders.

"Save one life, and you're a hero. Save a hundred lives, and
you're a nurse."
Author unknown

"Constant attention by a good nurse may be just as important
as a major operation by a surgeon."
Dag Hammarsk jold, Diplomat

"As a nurse, we have the opportunity to heal the heart, mind,
soul and body of our patients, their families and ourselves. They
may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel." –
Maya Angelou

"There is always that one special patient that you will remember forever." –
Author unknown

"Nurses may not be angels, but they are the next best thing."
Anonymous patient

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