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October/November Blog: The Holiday Season Begins-1st Up: is it a Trick or Treat?

Posted over 4 years ago by Quentin Smith

Halloween Blog
It's beginning to look......


       We are certain a couple you thought we were going to begin this blog by completing our title with the "A Lot Like Christmas." You're wrong. Our title reflects the unofficial start of the Holidays. The Holidays we are talking about include: Halloween which is occurring tomorrow Sat., Oct. 31st next is Thanksgiving on Thurs., Nov 26th followed by Christmas on Fri., Dec. 25th, and ending with New Year day Fri. Jan. 1st 2016.

       What do all of the dates above have in common other than being a Holiday? All of the dates are linked to increased health and safety risks. Check out the Halloween health tips below. We will look at Thanksgiving safety and health tips mid-November. During December, we will focus on safety and health tips for Christmas and New Year.

An overview of the safety and health problems linked to Halloween are really scary:

  1. A review of literature shows that Halloween is sometimes ranked as Number 1 for pedestrian injury and fatalities among children.
  2. Tampered candy follows pedestrian injury on our problem list. However, the incident of tampered candy is much lower than that of pedestrian injury.
  3. Excessive sugar intake by children and adults as they consume all types of candy and other sugary treat is linked to obesity and dental problems. Additionally, too much candy and other sweet treats can lead to gastric discomfort (e.g., abdominal pain, diarrhea). Although not as serious as problems 1 and 2, the discomfort typically makes an individual feel quite ill.


How do we prevent the problems listed above? Check out the following site:
On the CDC's website is a Safety Reminder spelling out SAFE HALLOWEEN. S for example is Sword, knives, and other costumes short, soft, and flexible. Go to http://www.cdc.gov/family/halloween/ for more safety tips.
Take time to check out the tips before you and your children begin Trick-or- Treat. Have fun tomorrow and KEEP HEALTHY AND SAFE.


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