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2015 Holiday Blog!

Posted over 4 years ago by Quentin Smith

Holiday Blog

It's a well-known story that has been retold for more than 2000 years. A couple, Mary and Joseph, travel from their home city to another city to pay taxes. Mary is with child and about to deliver as they arrive at their destination a city called Bethlehem. Joseph tries to secure lodging at an inn without success. With no lodging and Mary going into active labor, what is the couple to do? A stable is offered and the couple accepts. Mary gives birth to a son, Jesus, in the stable with the child swaddle and placed in manger from which the animals ate hay. We are told that with the birth, a true celestial event occurs – a choir of angels send out a special birth announcement singing ....Peace to all on earth. As we celebrate the Christmas story, let us live out the angels' tidings in our actions throughout the coming year.

Peace and good will to ALL Happy Holidays

Paz y buena voluntad a todos Felices Fiestas

Paix et bonne volonté à tous Joyeuses Fêtes

和平與善意的所有, 節日快樂

Amani na mapenzi mema kwa wote Sikukuu zenye furaha

والنوايا الحسنة للجميع أعياد سعيدة

Frieden und guten Willen auf alle Frohe Feiertage

Pace e buona volontà a tutti Buone Feste

שלום ורצון טוב בכל מועדים לשמחה


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